The Course equip Graduates with all required skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to work as effective and responsible information technology practitioners in the fast changing modern organisational environment. By developing an understanding of the role and contribution of information systems, graduates will be able to drive and enable the achievement of business goals and objectives, and manage as well as develop the vital information systems resource in organisations.
3 years
10+2 or equivalent / 3 year Diploma from a State Board of Technical Education.
Students after successful completion of the course would be awarded Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] degree from Mahatma Gandhi University recognised by UGC as well as AICTE-UGC-DEC(Tripartite Committee formed by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).

Course structure

  Semester 1   Semester 2
  Subject Name   Subject Name
  Computer Fundamental & Windows based Applications   Mathematics
  Communication skills in English   Computer Organization and Architecture
  Programming in C   DBMS
  Data Structure   OOPS with C++
  C – Programming Practical   C++ Practical
  Window based Application Practical   Data Structure with C Practical
  Semester 3   Semester 4
  Subject Name   Subject Name
  Data Communication   Software Engineering
  Operating System   Java Programming
  Computer Graphics   Relational Database Management System
  Client Server Architecture   Unix and Shell Programming
  Graphics Practical   Java Practical
  DBMS Practical   Unix Practical
  Semester 5   Semester 6
  Subject Name   Subject Name
  Algorithm and Analysis   MIS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  Internet Programming   Computer Network and Security
  Application Programming   Computer Network Practical
  System Programming   System Programming Practical
  Web Designing / Internet Practical
  Project: System side or Application side
  Application Programming Practical    

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