2 years postgraduate course in business administrator - MBA
This two year management program is aimed at transforming the fresh graduates to future industry ready managers, through the process of integrating the theoretical knowledge with practical aspects of the corporate world, by establishing a comprehensive understanding of the corporate functioning and also evolving with the dynamic of the complex corporate working environment; at the same time, student are expected to equip themselves, by developing conceptual and analytical skills which are essential for qualitative decision making.
2 years
Any Graduate Degree.
Student after successful completion of 2 years would be awarded Master of Business Administration [MBA] degree from Mahatma Gandhi University recognised by UGC as well as AICTE-UGC-DEC(Tripartite Committee formed by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).

Course structure

  Semester 1   Semester 2
  Subject Name   Subject Name
  Management- 'Theory and Practice   Management Information System & Computer
  Managerial Economics   Business Law
  Accounting for Managers   Financial Management
  Organizational Behaviour   Marketing Management
  Quantitative Techniques   Human Asset Management
  Business Ethics and Values   Executive Communication and Research Methodology
  Semester 3   Semester 4
  Subject Name   Subject Name
  Management of Small Business & Entrepreneurship Development
  International Business Environment
  Business Policy and Strategic Management   Operations Management
  Operations Research   Quality Management
  SPLZ-1   SPLZ-4
  SPLZ-2   SPLZ-5
  SPLZ-3   SPLZ-6

Note: In 3rd Semester, a candidate has to opt for any one of the eight Specilization.
  Human Resource Management   Financial Management
  Management of Training and Development   Investment Management
  Compensation Management   Merchant Banking and Financial Services
  Organizational Development and Change   Management of Infrastructural Financing
  Management of Industrial Relations   International Finance Management
  International Human Resource Management   Portfolio Management & Security Analysis
  Labour Legislations   Financial Derivatives
  Information Technology   Marketing Management
  Information Technology & Mgmt   Product and Brand Management
  Database Management System   Marketing of Service
  System Analysis & Design   Sales and Distribution Management
  E-Commerce & IT Enabled Services   Advertising & Sales Promotion
  Computer Network & Internet   Industrial Marketing
  Enterprise Resource Planning   International Marketing
  Retail Management   Insurance & Banking
  Retail Operations Management   Principal & Practices of Insurance
  Customer Relationship Mgmt.   Risk Management & Insurance
  Retail Branding & Strategy   Mutual Funds in India
  Mall Mgmt. & Risk Mgmt.   Mgmt. Of Banking & Insurance Companies
  International Retailling   Banking & Insurance Marketing
  E-Commerce & Internet   Risk Mgmt. & Life Insurance Undertaking
  Operations Management   Hospitality Management
  Technology & Innovation Mgmt.   Facility Design & Management
  Material Management   Hospitality Law
  Project Management   Hospitality Marketing & Sales
  Logistic & Supply Chain Mgmt.   Fundamentals of Tourism & Tourism Products
  Quantitative System Modeling Techniques.   Strategic Management
  Production & Planning Control   Management Information Syatem

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